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Pre-Vegetated Blankets


Roots. Shoots. Instant Vegetation.

GreenLine Synergy, LLC offers a product that contains all the components of a traditional erosion control blanket but with the benefit of a developed basal system and live vegetative cover – fondly referred to as roots and shoots.

Instant Live Vegetation

Reliable Erosion Control

Versatile Use

Rooting Back to 2009

Our beginnings are simple. GreenLine Synergy was established in 2009 by Robert (Bob) Livingston. Bob has worked in the landscaping industry for over 40 years and has managed hundreds of projects. You could say that his idea developed out of necessity. He was never truly satisfied with the amount of time it took for traditional products and methods to become established. He was looking for something that would provide almost immediate stabilization and withstand various conditions post-construction while requiring minimal maintenance. And, voila – the pre-vegetated blanket came to life.

While the process wasn’t quite instantaneous, it started while getting seed for a landscape project that was stored in a greenhouse where Bob observed grass germinating in gravel. It really didn’t seem like much at the time, but it became the inspiration that led to experimenting with traditional materials to reduce the amount of time needed to get a finished product. After testing a variety of native seed mixes, grow media and mat types, he developed a process that would provide instant results and minimize exposure to damaging elements that almost always cause uncertainty on projects. 

Over the years, Bob used this new product on his own projects at Creative Edge Landscapes, LLC. It was through this field testing that he was able to see how the pre-vegetated blanket responded and finalized the process. This process is what is patented and used today.

“My process patented pre-vegetated blankets became a reality because I knew there had to be a better, more efficient product that would not only provide instant vegetation, but also provide effective erosion control.”
~ Bob Livingston, owner and inventor

Mindful of Mother Nature

GreenLine Synergy uses environmentally conscious methods for growing. Our growing facilities use only 100% natural sunlight to grow our product. No artificial lighting is used at all. Our facility has a stormwater collection system which is used to irrigate our crops. We use only organic microorganism fertilization methods, no harmful chemical treatments of any kind.

GreenLine Synergy’s pre-vegetated blanket process was officially patented in April of 2015. Since then, our pre-vegetated blankets have been used on numerous projects ranging from residential to Department of Transportation (DOT) to municipality projects.

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