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Project Highlights:
Total Square Feet: 2,202
Soil Type: Clay/loam
Sun Exposure: Full sun/partial sun
Seed Mix: Two mixes for two different blanket crops - Low Growing Meadow and  Woodland Edge/Savanna
Lakefront property can sometimes be neglected and hard to manage. This property is a perfect example of new owners taking the time and initiative to invest in beautifying their property while understanding the importance of incorporating native species to support native habitats with the added bonus of erosion control. Our unique growing system allows the roots of each pre-vegetated blanket to remain practically undisturbed and ready to secure prepared areas instantaneously. All existing vegetation, except for viable trees, were removed from this site to be upgraded with high quality pre-vegetated blanket and plantings. Two different seed mixes were used in our pre-vegetated blankets  - one area consisted of a low growing meadow and the other of a woodland edge/savanna The results are stunning!

Department of Transportation

Project Highlights:
Total Square Feet: 10,863
Soil Type: Base soil consisted of clay, topped with about 8” of topsoil & compost mix
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Seed Mix: Three custom mixes
We enjoyed working with Department of Transportation (DOT) engineers who determined types of seed mixes of three different blankets grown for concentrated peak flow areas in a retention basin in the Madison, WI metro area. Not only was our pre-vegetated blanket subject to DOT inspections, but it was also right along a major thoroughfare for everyone to see. Our goal was to grow a diverse, dense blanket that would also help manage weed predation. Not only was it successful, but the DOT also gave it a thumbs up!


Fontana, WI
Project Highlights:
Total Square Feet: 1,722
Soil Type: Clay, loam
Sun Exposure: Sunny and shady
Seed Mix: Two mixes – Woodland Edge/Savanna and Moist Meadow/Rain Garden
Our blankets can be grown to meet the needs of any site. The banks of this drainage stream were lined with pre-vegetated blanket seeded for different flow rates. Seeding specifications that duplicate species across the different moisture zones allow the blankets to naturally select for plant material that will perform successfully along every foot of this 300’+ of streambank. In only two months following installation, the native plants growing in these blankets more than doubled in shoot height!
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