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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes GreenLine Synergy’s pre-vegetated blankets the best in the market?

GreenLine Synergy uses transport trays which means that our product is never rolled or crushed. Our blankets are hydroponically grown with limited nutrient inputs, are lightweight and we have an endless variety of seed mixes that can be used. Low impact and low input equal a truly green product!

What are the seeding rates for pre-vegetated blankets?

Native plants have varying seeding rates. However, due to the application, blankets will be seeded heavier than recommended rates. Keep in mind:

Germination rates vary
Narrow foliage vs broadleaf foliage
Plants with narrow, grass-like foliage will not appear as full as a blanket containing broadleaf forbs

What are the benefits of using pre-vegetated blanket vs seed or sod?

Seed, paired with erosion control blankets is perhaps the most economical erosion control option. This duo provides immediate soil coverage followed by vegetative coverage and is completely customizable when it comes to seed mix selection as well as the type of erosion control blanket. It is important to note though that turf grass seed along with hay or straw is not recommended when seeding for erosion control specific projects. While seeding can provide a clean and finished appearance, it does not provide the immediate aesthetic of sod or native plants. Seeding projects require weed control, monitoring and irrigation. This method is also prone to washout with heavy rain events. There is also potential “critter” predation, primarily from squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

The primary benefit of sod is its ability to provide immediate vegetation and complete soil coverage. It is grown and installed at full maturity. It reduces runoff rates and total soil losses because it is quick to establish, therefore preventing weed growth minimizing the future need to use herbicides. Plus, sod can be laid in almost any season. However, sod typically comes rolled on pallets and needs to be installed immediately for the best results. The root system only reaches a depth of 2 inches and tends to be susceptible to fungus, pests, and other diseases once installed. Sod is most vulnerable the first couple of weeks post-installation and excessive rain may even get the sod to float away.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

Our trays average about 4’x 8’ or 29.35 sq. ft. per tray. We would require at least one tray for an order. The maximum we can grow at any given time is around 16,880 sq. ft. If you have a project that is larger, we can grow your pre-vegetated blanket in phases based on priority.

Do you offer delivery?

No. All product must be picked up from our facility in Twin Lakes, WI.

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