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Pre-Vegetated Blankets

What are Pre-Vegetated Blankets?

Our patented pre-vegetated blankets contain all the components of a traditional erosion control blanket with the benefit of live vegetative coverage. Each pre-vegetated blanket grown in our facility follows a specific patented process using current erosion control products on the market in a non-traditional way to provide instant results.

All blankets used in our product are coir fiber erosion control blankets providing the instant benefit of effective erosion protection that is enhanced by the live vegetation. Each blanket is made of a double layer of erosion control mat to provide a sturdy base for the grow media and allows for a sturdy product matrix for transport.

We use only quality pure live seed, Department of Transportation (DOT) approved seed mixes, and locally sourced native seed mixes. Once the plants grow through the media and blanket the matrix is complete and ready to be placed on site. The entire process takes place within a controlled greenhouse environment using water from our stormwater collection system and natural sunlight which mimics natural growing conditions without the added competition of weeds.

Grow Trays

Project Versatility

Geographic Area

Time to Grow

Grow Trays

The Tray is Key – and Refundable!

Pre-vegetated blanket comes ready for transport in a tray designed to protect young plants from damage that occurs during standard cut-and-roll crop transportation methods. Our custom trays allow us to protect the living components of each blanket and achieve the highest success rates with every project.

All orders are custom and can be as small as one tray of pre-vegetated blanket (averaging 29.35 sq. ft) up to 16,880 sq. ft. For projects requiring more than that, we recommend growing the order in phases based on priority.

Just as you would make a deposit on pallets when acquiring hardscape materials or sod, we require a refundable deposit on our trays. The deposit amount is based on quantity of trays and is refundable given all trays are returned in good, reusable condition; meaning the metal floor is free of kinks, broken welds and secured to the wood frame, the wood frame shows no sign of stress such as cracking or separation, spacing blocks are all attached and evenly spaced, no separation of wood frame panels or any other broken parts.

All pre-vegetated blanket orders must be picked up from our facility in Twin Lakes, WI. The tray deposit is part of the 50% deposit required for each order. All trays must be maintained in good usable condition (as defined above) and returned within three business days from date of pick up to qualify for 100% refund. Tray return is the responsibility of the customer.

Project Versatility

Name That Project!

Our blankets work in a variety of projects such as ditches, drainage channels, roadsides, stormwater management areas, green roof installations, steep slopes, shorelines, streambanks, wetland restorations, woodland preservation, prairies, bioretention facilities, rain gardens and much more. No matter the size or complexity of the project, GreenLine Synergy provides the right solution with customized blends, low maintenance costs and effective erosion control as the desired outcome.
Geographic Area

Need Blanket? It Travels!

We mainly serve the Midwest area including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin, although our pre-vegetated blanket can be grown for special projects in all lower 48 states. If you are transporting outside of the Midwest, we recommend using a temperature-controlled truck kept around 53 degrees to keep the pre-vegetated blanket from drying out.

Our pre-vegetated blanket is grown in specialized trays to prevent damage during transport. The best ways to transport crop is by using a semi or flatbed truck or a tarped semi or flatbed. Side loading or tarped trailers work well too.

If you are unsure of what method would work best for you, please contact us for recommendations.

Roots and Shoots
Project Versatility

A Season of Growth

Blankets are custom grown to specification and typically require 4 to 6 (and sometimes up to 8 weeks, dependent on species) of lead time to be ready for transportation and installation. The specified custom seed mix and weather conditions will determine actual lead time.

Like native plants, our growing season is typically May – September. We release our last crop by the end of September to ensure that the blanket has enough time to root and establish itself before cold weather sets in.

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